Fox affiliate claims iPhone 5 has hologram projector, laser keyboard

iPhone 5 hologram

Definitely displaying a lack of technologically savvy reporting, the FOX affiliate in New York City was doing a segment on people already standing in line for the iPhone 5 in front of the 5th Avenue store. Towards the end of the segment displayed below, the reporter launched into a description of the new features on the iPhone 5. While showing footage of this iPhone 5 concept video created by Aatma Studios, the voiceover claimed that the new iPhone 5 was “sleeker, had a laser keyboard, holographic images and other cool new features.” Published over a year ago and racking up over 62 million views on YouTube, the Aatma Studios concept video shows an impossibly thin iPhone concept that uses a mini-laser to display a keyboard on the table. The keyboard can be re-sized using the familiar pinch-to-zoom technique. In addition, the mini-projector in the concept video magically displays a holographic image of video without the need for a backdrop. 

iphone-4-laser-keyboard-OptimizedIt’s pretty clear that the people putting the piece together for Fox 5 New York probably typed “iPhone 5” into YouTube and basically picked out one of the first few videos that appeared on the search results page.

It’s also clear that the segment definitely wasn’t fact-checked before airing for the massive New York City audience. The reporter didn’t mention actual features within the new iPhone like 4G LTE connectivity, the increased screen size, iOS 6 features or the upgraded internal hardware. 

After the video aired on live television, the FOX affiliate issued a correction earlier today stating “One clarification: the iPhone 5 will not have features such as holographic imaging and laser keyboard as depicted in a YouTube video and reported by FOX 5 News on September 17, 2012.” Perhaps the only saving grace of the segment is that the FOX affiliate managed to avoid reporting the imaginary features outlined in the new Aatma Studios concept video. That video shows concept features such as wireless charging and fingerprint scanning as well as a pinch-to-zoom technique that magically expands the size of the iPhone 5 to the size of an iPad.