Gallery: Apple dumps Google for in-house maps with iOS 6 update

The anticipated release of iOS 6 brings new features to Apple’s iOS armada – a notable upgrade coming to the native maps app. Keeping with their attempt to distance themselves from Google, Apple now serves up in-house maps over Google Maps data. Apple has decided to pull information from multiple partners like TomTom and Waze and end their partnership with Google.

The new maps app brings the long-awaited turn-by-turn direction system, which has been available through many third-party apps up until now. The new 3D flyover function replaces Google’s embattled street view, and allows Google Earth-style flybys of select major cities. Apple is continuing to push Siri, who now gives vocal directions in tanden with the turn-by turn visuals. Traffic data has also been updated to show alternative (and possibly quicker) routes as well as accidents and road closures. In the future, we may expect Google to release a standalone maps app, as it did with YouTube (an app which Apple has axed in iOS 6).

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