Get quality art prints of your Instagram photos with CanvasPop

Over 10 million people have become creative photographers thanks to the impressive cameras on their iPhones and beautiful vintage-looking filters offered by free app Instagram. The app can turn even the most mundane subjects into artistic renderings given the right eye and the right choice of filter, so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular app downloads for the iPhone. What is a shame, though, is that after the photos are taken, they only reside in our Instagram streams or maybe on a Twitter or Facebook profile if you’ve chosen to share them. We love sharing photos with Instagram on our iPhones, and we’ve seen some great things like phone cases and calendars pop up using photos from users’ Instagram streams, but never a service that would turn our creative snaps into gallery-worthy canvas prints. CanvasPop is offering just that and is the first company to specialize in printing Instagram photos, lucky for you. 

If you’re worried that the camera on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 isn’t good enough for top-notch quality 12 x 12 ($30) or 20 x 20 ($60) canvas prints, fret not. The folks over at CanvasPop are experts at upsizing images. The company offers PicturePerfect technology, which should ensure that your low-res photographs turn into clean and crisp high-quality images for printing. Users simply login to their Instagram accounts via the CanvasPop website, select the photos they would like printed (there are countless size options, as well as different canvas and frame styles), and in no time the wall-worthy prints will be on their way. 

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