Gizmon iCA brings a classic look to iPhone photography


While the majority of third party iPhone cases are simple plastic shells, the Gizmon iCA was created to appeal to photographers that are bored with the current design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Built with 32 different polycarbonate parts, the iPhone is enclosed in a case that’s somewhat similar in design to the recently released Fujifilm X100 or classic Leicas. The case includes an optical viewfinder, a shutter button that’s compatible with iPhones upgraded to iOS 5, a micro hot shoe to attach an external flash and a mock lens in the middle of the case with a mirror for self-portraits. The case also has a mount for a mini tripod when taking timed shots. 

gizmon-ica-brownAt the corner of the case, the Gizmon iCA includes a conversion lens mount to attach an alternate lens for taking different types of shots. Attached over the actual iPhone camera lens, users can use a fisheye lens, telephoto lens, wide angle lens, macro lens and a variety of filters. Other accessories that can be used with the case include a remote shutter control, a thin mock lens that’s helpful for fitting the case in a pocket, a leather case for the exterior of the casing and a car accessory stand for using the iPhone while driving. There’s also two strap holes on the camera case to wear the iPhone around the neck like an actual camera. The company recommends a handful of apps to use with the case, but any photography application will work including the standard iPhone camera application. 

The Gizmon iCA is designed in white, black and orange colors. However, it is quite expensive compared to other iPhone cases. For instance, the base model of the Gizmon iCA sells for $65.00 at the Four Corner Store with straps for $30 and a new lens priced at $45. However, the cost of this unique iPhone case may drop as more North American retailers start to carry the recently created Gizmon iCA. 


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