Golden iPhone 4S case will only set you back $10k

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There are two things we are certain of in this world: the iPhone 4S is a runaway success for Apple, and people who have lots of money will gladly spend it to showcase said money. Case in point: this solid gold iPhone 4S case from Miansai.

As you might expect, these lavish gold cases come made to order and are handmade, but if you think that a $10,000 solid gold iPhone case won’t turn enough heads – you can always get it engraved to suit your tastes.

While these cases are certainly not the most intricate or fancy iPhone cases we have seen, and believe us we have seen many, they definitely top the list as most expensive. If you’re questioning what to do with that extra money you have this holiday season, and want to make a very expensive statement, then look no further than Miansai’s golden answer.