Google, Apple top ‘most desirable employers’ list


Nearly one in four professionals want to work at Google, according to a newly released study from consulting firm Universum, which helps companies make themselves more attractive to potential employees.

When asked to pick their ideal employers out of a list of 150 companies, 24.79 percent of respondents chose Google as their top pick. Apple came in second, with 13.45 percent.

The survey questioned 10,306 young professionals (college graduates with one to eight years of experience) to choose the top five companies for which they’d most like to work.

Facebook, not included on the list, was the top write-in choice, followed by the US Department of Homeland Security, and the United Nations, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Other technology companies that made it into the top 10 most desirable employers include Amazon at No. 5 and Microsoft at No. 7.

Some tech brands didn’t rank as well. Like Qualcomm, for instance, which tied for number 132 with widely hated factory farm corporation Monsanto.

(To see the full list, click here.)

According to Universum project manager Kasia Do, who spoke with the Wall Street Journal, professionals chose companies that they liked as consumers, as well as employers that seem to offer financial stability, like government agencies.

That Google came in first is like unsurprising for many, as the company’s employee perks are widely known. In addition to the YouTube channels and Twitter feeds that shed light on life behind Google’s multi-colored doors, the company also holds open house events and “tech-related talks” to help woo potential employees. And, as anyone who’s been to one of Google’s offices knows, the place is sweet.

Of course, wanting to work for Google, and actually being able to get hired are two entirely different beasts. The company is notoriously scrupulous in its hiring. And even candidates with top-notch credentials can find themselves on the cutting room floor. But don’t worry, young professional, it’s still OK to dream.