Google Buys Stealth Startup Agnilux

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It’s no secret that Internet giant Google has been on something of a shopping spree in recent months, but the company’s latest acquisition is raising a few eyebrows for what’s not being said. Google has acquired Agnilux, a stealth startup based in San Jose, California that has been working on…well, nobody really knows.

The New York Times recently looked into Agnilux and found only that it was working on a server of some sort, may have had some sort of deal with Cisco. However, what makes the deal intriguing is that Agnilux was founded mainly by former employees of Apple and PA Semi (the chipmaker Apple acquired about a year ago to make its own low-power mobile processors), and TiVo’s former software architect is also in at the ground level.

The acquisition was first reported by peHub, and no financial terms of the deal have been disclosed.

Some industry speculation has Google’s interest in Agnilux stemming from a desire to wring more efficiency from its power-hungry data centers; others have mused that Google might be looking to expand its hardware business. Google already offers the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini to companies who want to deploy in-house Google search capabilities.

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