Grand Central Apple store still not ready, December opening likely

AppleGrandCentralStationStore2Despite widespread reports earlier this week that Apple’s new Grand Central store in Manhattan would open Tuesday, it now appears it won’t even be ready in time for Black Friday.

Mashable’s Samantha Murphy reported on Tuesday that construction workers at the location said there was still much work left to do, and that an early December opening was a possibility. Murphy also said that the store remains boarded up, “with the sounds of drills and construction serving as a backdrop for commuters.”

No doubt Apple would like to have had it ready in time for Black Friday, but for whatever reason, it seems that it isn’t going to happen. At least if it opens in early December, it’ll be able to catch some of the holiday season traffic passing through the busy terminal.

The new store is believed to cover around 24,000 square feet of floor space, which would make it the largest Apple store in the Cupertino company’s global retail empire. The iPhone and iPad maker currently operates more than 350 stores in 11 countries.

It’s reported that to rent the prime location will cost Apple more than $1 million a year, but with some 750,000 commuters using the station daily, it should be money well spent.

Employees of the new store aren’t sitting at home staring at the wall though – it’s believed they’re being shown the ropes at other Apple store locations in New York – stores that will no doubt be heaving in the run up to Christmas.