Grove to start taking pre-orders for its signature iPhone 5 bamboo case

grove to start taking pre orders for its signature iphone 5 bamboo case

Shopping for an iPhone 5 case already? Our friends at Grove has e-mailed us informing that the latest design to incorporate the company’s signature bamboo style will be for the upcoming Apple device. Based on the design, it’s pretty much what we’ve expected given the leaked cases photos from AT&T earlier this morning: slim body, side buttons, centered microphone and placements. 

grove to start taking pre orders for its signature iphone 5 bamboo case closeupThe case itself is looks to be much like previous Grove products we’ve seen before, combining the natural look of wood with a plant fiber composite to add durability and style. The sustainable, handmade design and production takes place right in Portland.

Grove will begin accepting pre-orders for its iPhone 5 case starting today, which requires buyers to leave a $20 refundable deposit. The credit will apply to Grove’s introductory price of $60. The item is expected to ship early October, right along the rumored September 21 iPhone 5 release date we’ve previously reported. If you don’t get your pre-order in by September 30, the price bumps up to $80 so you might want to get your deposit in if you’re a fan of Grove’s all-American design. 

Grove iPhone 5 delivery

Grove has warned that some designs may change depending on what Apple actually announce on September 12, and shipment dates may also be adjusted to accommodate the official release date. If Grove holds true to being one of the first boutique designers to craft protective gears for the latest Apple products, we’re keeping our fingers crossed the company might unveil something for the rumored iPad Mini in the near future as well.