Hands on with Pack & Smooch cases for iPad and MacBook Pro

hands on with pack smooch cases for ipad and macbook pro sleeve merino glb 4

If you’re an Apple fanatic, you now have a countless array of cases and accessories to choose from as the brand becomes even more popular. Unfortunately, a good amount of those cases are boring, cheap, or both. Some people might be happy with a bare-essentials silicone sleeve, but most of us would like something with a little more style, personality, and functionality. Here at DT we’re always on the lookout for new cases and accessories that give consumers the best of both worlds: style and function. We can now add Pack & Smooch to the list of covet-worthy Apple accessories, and we’ll tell you a little bit about why we like the German brand’s products. 

We like Pack & Smooch, among other brands, for products that have a more natural feel and look than most bigger retailers. It’s perfectly fine to wrap your iPad or MacBook Pro in something high-tech and glossy, but sometimes it’s nice to break the mold and go for a leather or something else that has a more earthy, rustic feel. The Pack & Smooch cases are made from wool felt and and quality leather in a modern color palette that doesn’t go too far into the ‘homemade’ look. These cases are sleek and sophisticated, but with an inviting texture that has more luxury than a slick silicone sleeve. The accessory brand takes pride in the craftsmanship of its products as well as the materials they are made of. Each case is made from 100-percent-wool felt made from the Australian Merino sheep and untreated or vegetable-tanned natural leather. The felt is substantial in its feel and the craftsmanship shows in the construction. We got a chance to take a look at the Hampshire Laptop Sleeve ($85+) and the iPad Merino ($77), both of which are designed specifically for Apple products. 

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The Hampshire Laptop Sleeve is made to precisely fit your MacBook Pro in 13-, 15-, or 17-inch sizes, or your MacBook Air in 11 or 13-inch sizes. The sleeve is made from the aforementioned wool felt (3mm thickness) and has a fold-over cover with snaps. An outside pocket is just big enough to hold your phone, a notebook, or an extra pair of headphones, but keeps the design slim. A soft leather patch at the base of the sleeve serves as a functional grip when holding the sleeve under your arm, and adds to the luxurious look. The iPad Merino sleeve is essentially the same design, but has a one-snap closure and is made to snugly hold your iPad or iPad 2 with Smart Cover.

The wool felt is thick and sturdy enough to provide good protection for your device. We particularly like the sophisticated look and feel of both sleeves, which looks modern and smart but still has charm and character. These won’t work for someone who’s looking for a full laptop or iPad bag with pockets galore, but they would be perfect for anyone who likes to carry their device separately or carry it in bags that don’t already have a laptop or iPad compartment. We were very pleased with the high-quality materials and feel of the cases. They feel like they will last a long time, and even though your MacBook Pro or iPad might not be timeless, these cases certainly have a timeless charming quality. We are also a fan of the modern color palette that the cases come in, which includes a light and a dark grey as well as a dark brown and a lighter brown tanned leather. If we were looking for an upgrade from the typical silicone sleeve with an extra pocket for essentials, these sleeves would definitely make it to the top of our list for both quality and design.