Hands on with the id America Gasket iPhone 4 case

hands on with the id america gasket iphone 4 case brushed aluminum

Cases are great for protecting your iPhone. A lot of times, however, they aren’t so great for making your iPhone look cooler than it does with no case at all. The iPhone 4 is a thing of sleek beauty and it’s a shame to have to cover it up with a bulky silicone case just because you’re clumsy. If you can manage to take pretty good care of your iPhone, there are a few sleek and slim cases for the phone that mostly focus on protection the back.

We found a great one that keeps the lines of your phone clean and stylish while adding extra protection and a cool design. The id America Gasket Brushed Aluminum Case ($30) was designed with both iPhone-lovers and gear-heads in mind. The brushed aluminum case is extremely lightweight and provides protection for the iPhone’s back, sides, and corners. The edges of the case don’t extend past the iPhone’s bezel, so this case won’t work if you consistently set your phone face-down. If you’re mostly worried about bumps and bruises and keeping the phone scratch-free, this case or something similar is a great option. 

If you’re a car guy you’ve probably already noticed that the design takes inspiration from the shape of a head gasket on a performance engine, but we think this design could also appeal to those who don’t have the faintest idea what a gasket is. We also like that the case comes with both front and back screen protectors, which is a nice touch for a case that provides more limited protection than most. The suede lining of the case ensures that you won’t scratch your phone putting it on or taking it off, and provides extra lightweight cushioning should you drop the phone.

Our only gripe other than the limited amount of protection, which is only a problem for some people, is that dust and dirt seem to get caught in the Swiss cheese-like holes. Overall we think this case is a great, statement-making buy for anyone who wants to keep the profile of their phone slim and doesn’t mind having to be just a little bit more careful.