How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 with JailbreakMe

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Almost without exception, when a new piece of software is released, someone will find a way to hack it, and the more famous the software, the quicker someone is to find a way around the security.  So it should come as no surprise that the iPhone 4 has not only been hacked, there is a simple and easy software that will allow others to hack it — or jailbreak it — themselves.  Today, Jailbreakme released its new software that will allow you to hack your iPhone 4, iTouch, and iPad running iOS 3.2.1 or newer, and it is quick and easy to do.

To jailbreak an iPhone is an easy matter, but it can be a foreign concept to people that are not all that tech savvy. Plus, with Apple now legally unable to prevent people from jailbreaking their phones thanks to a new copyright exemption, Apple has reverted to the old classic preventative measure of trying to scare people away from jailbreaking software.

A Word of Warning

While the upside to jailbreaking your phone is huge — new apps, more control over your phone, and soon another jailbreak software will allow you to choose your own carrier — there are a few downsides you should be aware of. The biggest issue is with Apple itself. If you jailbreak your phone and find yourself in need of tech support, Apple will likely greet you with a disapproving look, followed by a “tutting” sound, before they tell you that by hacking your iPhone, you have violated the terms of service, and are now exiled from the loving embrace of Apple’s tech coverage. They will not help you, and you will no longer be under warranty. Of course, depending on the issue, you could always return it to factory settings, which might slip by the Apple techs’ watchful eyes.

The next problem is the equivalent of Ralphie in the Christmas Story being warned that he would shoot his eye out if he owned a BB gun. In other words, the worst case scenario that sounds terrifying. Occasionally things mess up. It happens. Especially in tech, where hundreds of companies exist solely to unmess our screwups. One such issue is called “bricking” your iPhone- which basically means that the device becomes frozen and unresponsive. Apple JailBreak Mewould have you believe that you are done, and the bricked phone is your penance for an unrighteous life in terms of your cellular use. Thankfully, there are several easy fixes, depending on exactly what caused it. In most cases, you simply hold down the “home” button then connect the phone to the dock while your computer is running. ITunes will then recognize the phone as being in recovery mode, and will reload the last firmware. You will probably lose some data, as well as the jailbreak software and any apps that aren’t Apple approved, but you can always find them again.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4

As to how you can jailbreak an iPhone, it is a straightforward process. The first thing you should do is to back up your iPhone to iTunes just to be safe.

Next, you need to download the jailbreak software on your phone. Jailbreakme released its software today, and it is easy to use. Just head to on your iPhone to begin.

Once you are there, you simply “slide to jailbreak”. That’s it. Let the software do its thing, and soon you will see a pop up that confirms that the software program dubbed “Cydia” has been installed. Reboot your iPhone and you are done!