iBamboo speaker amplifies iPhone 4 sound with eco-friendly bamboo dock

ibamboo speaker amplifies iphone 4 sound with eco friendly bamboo dock speakers

We’ve seen a few products come along that aim to amplify and better the sound that comes from the iPhone 4’s built-in speaker, but this is by far the most intriguing and aesthetically appealing design we’ve noticed. The iBamboo Speaker ($TBA) uses a foot long piece of all-natural bamboo to amplify the iPhone 4’s speaker sound without any electricity or electric parts. The iBamboo is laser cut at the top for a precise and snug fit for your iPhone 4. When you play music from your iPhone’s native speaker, the sound will be naturally amplified by the bamboo and will move in two different directions, creating a “surround sound” effect.

We can’t comment on the actual sound quality without having tested the product ourselves, but we’re definitely curious to see how well the device works. Because bamboo is one of the most plentiful natural materials around, this speaker is just about as eco-friendly as you can get. No iBamboo will be the same, either, since each cut of bamboo will have unique markings and a different look. Either way, it’s an attractive device that we wouldn’t mind having on our bedside table. According to the iBamboo Website, the natural speaker will also increase the feng-shui of your desk, bedroom, or wherever you place it. The iBamboo is currently only made for the iPhone 4, but the company plans to expand to include docks for other models and the iPad.