iBooks debuts massive collection of IDW Publishing comics

ibooks debuts massive collection of idw publishing comicsJust in case you thought DC Comics was the only publisher making waves in the digital world these days, IDW Publishing made headlines this week by releasing a large collection of its top-tier graphic novels in Apple’s iBooks store.

IDW is the first major publisher to make such a long list of titles available via iBooks, with many publishers opting to use the popular Comixology service as their sole method of digital distribution. While IDW uses Comixology for many of its single issues, the list of titles now available on iBooks includes many of the publisher’s award-winning graphic novels and collections of its popular licensed comics.

Included in the initial lineup of iBooks comics are four volumes of the award-winning Locke & Key series, as well as the first two installments of Darwyn Cooke’s Parker graphic novels (based on Donald Westlake’s massively popular crime-noir novels). There are also a few volumes of the publisher’s popular Transformers, G.I. Joe, True Blood, and Star Trek lines, and several licensed comics based on the Dead Space and Dragon Age games.

Also launching simultaneously on iBooks and in print is the original graphic novel Code Word: Geronimo, based on SEAL Team 6’s raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound and written by military insiders.

You can check out the full lineup at IDW’s website, but if you’re thinking about downloading a few titles, allow us to recommend the very cool Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library 1980-1981 collection and The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures. They’re two series we picked up in print a while back and have re-read more than a few times since.