iFrogz hops on iPad 2 cases

Peripheral and accessory maker iFrogz has announced three new cases designed with Apple’s iPad 2 in mind. iFrogz might be a little late to the game for issuing iPad 2 peripherals, but that company’s style and design won it fans with first-generation iPad owners—and since the iPad 2 can still be hard to get, they may not have missed the window of opportunity by very much.

“Our new line of protective iPad 2 cases continues our tradition of innovation and puts us at the forefront of providing protection and style for Apple products,” said iFrogz owner and CEO Scott Huskinson, in a statement. “The styles, designs and price-points are all driven by user feedback.”

iFrogz NeoFirm Burst for iPad 2

First up, the NeoFirm Burst is basically a simple sleeve with a semi-rigid foan back and a neoprene exterior that protects the iPad from dust, scratches, and moisture. The case features a fold-over front pocket and fits both the original iPad and the iPad 2. The NeoFirm Burst has a suggested retail price of $24.99, and will be available in pink, red, green, iron, and blue.

iFrogz Backbone for iPad 2

The BackBone is a snap-in one-piece polycarbonate case with a Luxe finish—and it’s even compatible with Apple’s own magnetic Smart Cover. The case protects the iPad while still providing access to all ports and sensors—and users can unsnap the Backbones and fold it to ask as a stand. The Backbone will be available in 12 colors matching Apple’s own Smart Covers for $34.99.

iFrogz Summit for iPad 2

The Summit is a folio-style cases with a snap-in polycarbonate case that utilizes Apple’s Smart technology magnetic closures: the case automatically turns the iPad 2 on and off when the case is opened or shut, and the case features a faux-leather finish for a classy look. The Summit will initially be available in green/black and white/black for a suggested price of $59.99—iFrogz says more colors are coming soon.