now supports VoIP service for iOS users is an aggregated chat platform

Apple iPhone users, you’re in luck: isn’t just for instant messaging anymore. The IM aggregator service announced today that it now allows iOS users to make VoIP phone calls, a feature that has been available on Android devices since February.

Imo calls can be made over Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connections on iPhones running iOS version 3.1 and higher. The Imo VoIP service is a bit limited, however; calls made from Imo only work between Imo users, or contacts on third-party services including Google Chat and Skype. When we inquired about Imo’s plans for offering native calls to cell phones and landlines, the company informed us that it had no intention of doing so any time soon.

VoIP services are in particular beneficial to international callers, as it has become the defacto method for bypassing exorbitant long-distance rates.

Imo, which was created by former Googlers and brothers, Ralph and Georges Harik has clearly benefited from the death of Meebo Messenger in June. Imo has grown its user based with a healthy 4 million mobile downloads and 700,000 daily users since its inception in 2007. And has become a one-stop shop for its users to chat on any of the 11 of the most-used instant messaging services including Facebook, AIM, Google Chat, Skype and other third party messaging platforms.

Watch Imo’s VoIP for iPhone capabilities below: