InterVideo Home Theater 2.5 Software

With its sleek user-friendly interface and easy access from the living room couch with accompanying remote, customers can enjoy all their multimedia from the comfort of their own bedroom or livingroom. Plus, InterVideo Home Theater should work well with the PC most users already have and that means minimal additional hardware costs. InterVideo will be demonstrating InterVideo Home Theater 2.5during the Intel Developer Forum at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco this week.

InterVideo Home Theater 2.5 makes it easy to turn any PC into a complete multimedia center and offers an impressive array of digital entertainment options that enables consumers to select the features that they want to use. In the TV application mode, a program guide lets users quickly search for favorite shows, schedule recorded programs, or surf through 16 channels simultaneously. Also, users can experience rich Dolby Digital(R) audio with all of the features of InterVideo’s award winning software and the world’s leading DVD playback software, WinDVD(R), with over 75 million installations. In addition, InterVideo Home Theater lets users create a photo slideshow that allows them to enhance pictures with a music playlist and attractive transitions. Lastly, Home Theater has audio features that let consumers listen to a variety of music files that include audio CD, MP3, WMA, WAV and also enables radio functions to create a favorite channel list.

InterVideo Home Theater 2.5 also supports playback of music downloaded from Apple iTunes(R) digital music jukebox and external music devices including the Apple iPod as well as HP’s version of the iPod, branded as the Apple iPod(TM) from HP. With the popularity and release of the new iPod(TM), users will have the option to enjoy over thousands of downloaded songs from Apple’s iTunes(R) which is another way Home Theater helps consumers maximize their personal digital entertainment center.

InterVideo Home Theater 2.5 features new burning functions in DVD Video/VCD/SVCD, Slideshow DVD/VCD and Audio CD/MP3 Disc. A new “Create Disc” button will be embedded into “Music”, “Pictures” and “Videos” page, to help users create a VCD/DVD in simple steps. The application will automatically detect the presence of a burning device and enable/disable the corresponding function at startup.

Additionally, the latest version of Home Theater supports Double Layer burning in “SlideShow DVD” in picture mode or “DVD Video” in video mode. Furthermore, Home Theater has enhanced the DVD environment setting options to customize the audio setting to fit the viewers’ surroundings. Options include: Normal — which is default to optimize the most for PC listening environments, Theater — to preserve the original movie dynamic range and provide theater quality sound, and Late Night — to reduce bass effects and limit peak volumes which produces an overall softer sound with fewer loud noises.

With all the options selected, consumers can simply manage these features while sitting back in their favorite recliner with the easy use of a remote control. These new features provide an upgrade path for existing users and also for consumers using new Intel 915 and 925X Express Chipset-based motherboards, which are bundled with InterVideo Home Theater Silver version. PCI Express as well as PCI tuner cards and graphics are supported to work with Intel’s new 915/925X Express Chipsets.


InterVideo markets InterVideo Home Theater to consumers and hardware OEMs. InterVideo Home Theater 2.5 is available at InterVideo’s web site, at a price of $69.95 for the Platinum version and $49.95 for the Gold version that excludes the burning functions. For the ten-foot user experience, the price of a 36-key remote control and the USB receiver for the user’s PC is $29.95 and can also be ordered from the InterVideo web site.