iOS 86: A kickback iOS theme for nostalgic Mac lovers

iPhone RetroOS iOS 86

Had the iPhone launched 26 years earlier, this user interface (above) gives us a good indication of what we might have seen. Designed by Anton Repponen, the iOS 86 alternative UI is the perfect tweak for Apple fanboys and fangirls looking to satiate their old-school Mac nostalgia.

As some of you likely remember, 1986 was the year after Steve Jobs’ dismissal from Apple in a power struggle, which of course resulted in Job’s founding of NeXT.  Despite this, we’d like to think of the iOS 86 as homage to Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in 1997, which eventually led to the company’s meteoric rise to the top of the corporate food chain.

As a side note, Apple actually made an eerily accurate prediction of what was to come, back in 1987, with a conceptual Siri-like device named the Knowledge Navigator. 

Watch a video about Knowledge Navigator below:

If you’re looking to install the 80s interface, the iOS 86 design is available for immediate download from iSpazio. However, to download the theme, you’re going to need a jailbroken iPhone and Cydia. On Cydia, you’ll need to add the following source URL: it has been added, you can search for “iOS 86” and install the theme.

This theme isn’t a complete solution, and has slight discrepancies from the Repponen’s design: not all icons will end up 1986 fashion, but at the least the stock iPhone icons will be properly pixilated.

 You’ll find the complete set of photos below:

iPhone RetroOS HomeScreen
iPhone RetroOS LockScreen
iPhone RetroOS