iPad Math: iPad 3G Services Will Cost You Less Than the iPhone’s

ipad-safariWe were all pleasantly surprised with the iPad’s prices. This was a smart move by Apple, who undoubtedly understood the competing markets full of cheaper devices. Yes, there is a $900ish iPad, but there is also one for $499—and that makes all the difference to consumers. The tiered pricing for Apple’s new tablet devices will give them sway in the market—but the iPad could be affecting more markets than we thought. Apple better watch out for—well—for Apple. With the iPad prices and configurations presently available, a quick comparison will show you that ditching your 3G iPhone for a 3G iPad may actually be a wise choice.

So, feel no shame in getting yourself a nice $13 flip phone to take the place of your pricey iPhone. We know, it’s hard to go mere seconds without your iPhone by your side—but when it comes down to it, the iPad’s services are cheaper. The iPad may not have voice calling, but if you primarily use your iPhone for surfing the Web and playing games, the iPad has a more pocketbook-friendly service plan.

The initial cost of the iPad device will be more—with 3G model prices ranging from $629 to $829—but in the long run the iPhone’s total expenses will cost more if you consider the monthly costs for phone service, data expenses and contracts. Of course, you are paying for that convenience of having a phone that can multitask, receive calls and surf the Web.  Engadget does a lovely rundown of the arithmetic for the iPad versus the iPhone.

Just some food for thought…