Leaked photos reveal that iPad Mini 2 may have Retina display

375959-leaked-ipad-mini-images-hint-at-retina-displayAfter just four months on the market, we’re already hearing rumors about the next iPad Mini. PC Mag reports that, the biggest problem with the Mini is that the display is slightly sub-par, especially when compared to other tablets of the same size, like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. But, when looking at images that were recently leaked, it appears that the next generation will (shocker!) get a high-resolution ‘Retina’ display.

The photos, which were uploaded to a forum on the Chinese site WeiPhone, show the back of what appears to be one of the new iPad minis. Much of the design elements match the current model (except for a non-standard blue Apple logo, which may simply be that color due to it’s being in pre-production). But, what really stands out is that the case appears to be a bit thicker than the first generation. It’s been rumored that Apple would advance the Mini to Retina display pretty much since the launch of the device, and the revelation of a new, thicker case supports this idea.

However, there’s one thing that needs to be considered, particularly since the launch of the Mini was so recent, and that the photos were released on a Chinese website. There are a ton of counterfeit gadgets manufactured in that region, so these leaked images could very well be knockoff iPad Minis. But WeiPhone has been an accurate source for leaked Apple devices in the past, so they could very well be legit. It’s nearly impossible to tell.

We expect a ton of speculation to continue to be released, which is beyond typical for all things Apple. But, as usual, we won’t know anything for sure until Apple lets us know.