iPad unboxed: Hands-on photos of Apple’s new tablet

Our new, third-generation iPad 3 just arrived minutes ago. We don’t usually do the whole unboxing rigmarole but what the hell. It’s a new iPad after all. The reigning king of all tablets. We’ll have a complete review of the new device soon, but for now, here are some photos of its packaging, the tablet itself from different angles, and how it compares to the Amazon Kindle Fire and Motorola Xoom. These two tablets represent Android 7-inch and 10.1-inch competing tablets well. Most of what you see here should look eerily familiar. The new iPad is mostly identical to the iPad 2, though it is noticeably heavier and slightly thicker. 

Check out our list of apps that have been upgraded to take advantage of the iPad’s new high-resolution Retina display for a bit more iPad goodness before our full review. 

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