iPhone 4 Finally Unlocked

iphone 4 finally unlocked

Those folks looking to grab Apple’s iPhone 4 without the requisite service from AT&T – or just travel abroad with it – should be able to shortly. A member of the infamous iPhone Dev Team, which has been responsible for a number of landmark Apple workarounds in the past, finally hacked it free of its carrier shackles on Tuesday.

PlanetBeing posted a photo of the unlocked phone Tuesday morning on his Twitter feed, followed by a short video demo (embedded below) later in the day. Both show an unlocked – and jailbroken – iPhone 4 functioning on Canada’s Bell Mobile and Rogers network, neither of which has officially adopted the phone.

Unfortunately, those who want to use their iPhones with other carriers will need to be handy with scissors and knives, too. Since the standard mini SIM card used by most carriers and most of the world won’t fit in the iPhone 4’s micro SIM slot, brave hackers will need to file or cut down their old SIMs to shimmy them into a phone that wasn’t designed to accept them, butcher knife optional.

PlanetBeing hasn’t yet prepared a tool to perform the unlock for the public. “There’s only one thing that you need to know about this unlock, and it’s that it sucks, because literally, I just finished making it,” he explains in the video below. “Right now, you really don’t want to use this.”

Anxious Canadians and T-Mobile users can sit patiently and watch PlanetBeing’s Twitter feed in the mean time.