iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Begin Today, Apple Site Struggles to Keep Up

iphone 4 pre orders begin today apple site struggles to keep up iphone4 lineApple began selling pre-orders for their hot new iPhone 4 today and already both the Apple and AT&T websites are buckling under the load of traffic. From what we have heard, the white version of the iPhone which is depicted in so many ads and on the web, will apprently not be available for pre-order yet.

Analysts are predicting that Apple could ship at least 2 million iPhone 4’s on the opneing weekend alone, including pre-orders. Why is the iPhone 4 so hot when there are already so many users with a current iPhone?  There are a number of possible reasons. For one, there are a lot of original iPhone 3G users out there who were not elgible for an upgrade to the iPhone 3GS, but likely are for the iPhone 4.

International orders are supposed to be huge as the phone will be available not only in the Unied States, but also in France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

There are now more stores than ever selling the iPhone. Among them are Best Buy, Radio Shack and now Wal-Mart. Add these all up and you have the largest launch of any iPhone yet!