iPhone 5 rumors: Pictures and video, may be unveiled Sept. 12

iPhone 5 iLab leaked shots power and volumeiPhone, iPhone, iPhone. That’s all we’ll be hearing about as we get closer to the expected time Apple will unveil its latest and greatest phone. Today’s latest batch of rumors should whet your whistle, though we are somewhat skeptical of all three of them. We’ve got one Japanese site posting new pictures, another Japanese site with a video, and a French site with suspiciously detailed unveiling and release dates. 

iPhone 5 pictures

An Apple device repair site called iLab (via 9to5Mac) has posted a bunch of new pictures of what appears to be the next iPhone. These are consistent with the video embedded below and of the leaked shots we’ve seen in the past. The device pictured appears to have a larger screen, a thinner frame than the iPhone 4, smaller dock connector, and a brushed metal exterior with plastic sections on the top and bottom, likely to house cellular antennas (3G and 4G versions of the iPad always have a plastic strip on them). 

More images can be found in the iLab article.

iPhone 5 video

Another Japanese site called Macotakara.jp has posted a video of one of its editors (or someone) playing around with an iPhone 5 shell. We find this video to be highly suspect. Though the camera quality may just be low, this frame appears to be black/gray and plastic looking while other rumored leaked shots have featured lighter brushed metal. We could be wrong, but we warn you not to take this video too seriously, though you can thoroughly enjoy the pleasant SimCity-like music that plays in the background.

iPhone 5 coming Sept. 12?

Finally, Apple blog iMore boldly believes that it knows the unveiling and release dates for the new iPhone, new iPod Nano, and iPad Mini will be unveiled at an event on Sept. 12, 2012. The iPhone will then be available on Sept. 21. The supposed release date coincides with a July 23 report from App4Phone.fr, which also said that the iPhone will be released on Sept. 21. Neither site knows about the exact launch dates of the iPad Mini or iPod Nano.

Stay tuned…

Tech sites small and large will be lining up to nab exclusive tidbits of info about the new iPhone and rumored iPad Mini in the weeks ahead. We’ll keep you up to date, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Apple rumors, its that few of them are to be trusted. These could all be true, but more than likely Apple has some surprises up its sleeve.

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