iPhone 5 tidbits leak: LTE, iTunes 11, new iPods confirmed

iPhone-5 Apple.com search

Full Coverage From Apple's 9/12 iPhone 5 Launch EventApple’s big fall press conference is less than two hours away (10am PST), but that doesn’t mean the Internet is prepared to wait. Small “confirmations” of existing rumors are popping up all over the Web. Do not take this information as fact just yet, but it’s looking highly likely that the new iPhone will indeed be called the iPhone 5, it will have 4G LTE connectivity, a new iPod Touch is coming, a new iPod Nano is coming, and iTunes 11 may also be announced.

Most of this information comes from 9to5Mac, which has done some rather sleuthy searching on Apple.com’s website. We’ve verified that if you search for “iPhone-5” on Apple’s site, a link to what appears to be a forthcoming press release appears in the search results. However, when you attempt to click on any of the articles, they return a 404 error, which could mean that they just aren’t live yet or that they aren’t real articles to begin with — it’s possible that they were placeholders for an iPhone that never came to be. However, it’s more likely that this phone will be called iPhone 5. The press invitations Apple sent out for this event had a giant “5” in them — a pretty strong hint that Apple isn’t planning to get crafty with its naming scheme.  

Similar searches on Apple.com seem to prove other rumors:

  • New iPods are coming as well, according to searches, which makes sense as Apple announced iPod updates with the iPhone 4S. Earlier this morning, we posted a new rumor that the iPod Touch will get a FaceTime camera, GPS, and new colors. It’s likely that the other iPods will be updated as well.
  • iTunes 11 may be shown. Supposedly, it’s a pretty big overhaul of iTunes. Perhaps Apple is finally going to use Lala?
  • 4G LTE connectivity is also hinted at in search results
We’ll have full coverage of Apple’s actual announcements in the very near future, so stay tuned!