iPhone 5S: More talk of multiple colors with August launch possible

iphonesIt’s not the first time we’ve heard that Apple will release the next iteration of the iPhone – likely to be called the 5S – in a range of colors, but the fact that the claim has surfaced again will have some people thinking that it might actually turn out to be true.

Japan-based Apple-news site Macotakara, which has a pretty good track record with news on forthcoming Apple products – said on Tuesday that according to a “trusted source”, the tech giant would be adding an additional color to the usual black and white options with the launch of the iPhone 5S.

Back in December, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek suggested Apple would go much further with the color options, offering between six and eight different ones. To many observers, that would probably seem more realistic, what with the iPod Touch being available in five colors – black, white, blue pink and yellow – but Macotakara’s source says differently.

The website also says in its report that the iPhone 5S would be unveiled in July and hit stores in August. That would certainly fit with a Wall Street Journal report earlier this month claiming the Cupertino company was planning to begin production of the 5S in the second quarter, “teeing up a possible summer launch”.

It’s thought the 5S will look pretty much identical to the current model (apart from the additional color/s), with the bulk of the changes taking place under the hood.

Of course, we can expect to see a more powerful processor, a better camera (possibly sporting 13 megapixels), and possibly a new-look operating system – iOS 7. There’s also an outside chance the phone could come with wireless charging, NFC connectivity and a fingerprint scanner for added security.

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[via Apple Insider]