Donate sperm in China, and you can get an iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S hands on
Jeff Van Camp/Digital Trends

Do you like pleasuring yourself? Are you saving up to buy an iPhone 6S? Then if you live in China, the ideal opportunity has arisen to make the latter happen because of the former. According to reports, the Renji Hospital in Shanghai is offering a 6,000 yuan — that’s just under $1,000 — incentive to men who are willing to donate sperm to its bank on a regular basis. But rather than solely highlight the financial incentive, it’s using the promise of an iPhone 6S as the man-bait.

iPhone 6S Sperm DonationThe ad-campaign used by the hospital has obviously been created by someone who is fully versed in Internet lore, and states that there’s “no need to sell a kidney,” to afford an iPhone 6S. This is in reference to stories that have spread about eager would-be iPhone owners that have sold internal organs to fund their dream purchase.

However, before you head out to the Renji Hospital, the scheme isn’t just open to anyone. You’ll need to be at least 5ft 4-inches in height before they’ll even let you in the door, and a college degree is essential. If you already meet this criteria, then provided you pass a full medical examination, presumably you’ll be led away to a little room so you can get down to business, and that new iPhone one step (stroke?) closer to reality.

Only those with staying power will be rewarded with the 6,000 yuan bounty, as the agreement is to deliver 17ml of sperm over a maximum of six months before all the money is handed over. According to NetDoctor, the average amount produced by a man is between 2ml and 5ml, so expect to make between four and eight visits. However, we expect the thought of an iPhone 6S will be more than enough to spur excited fans on, and obligations will be completed much sooner than that.

The iPhone 6S will cost just over 5,200 yuan when it’s released in China, so donators will even have some change left over after their efforts.