iScandal: SFPD confirms they assisted Apple in searching a home for a lost iPhone prototype

SFPD MotorcycleYet another wrinkle has turned up in the case of the missing iPhone prototype. It seems as though the SFPD is doing a flip-flop of an earlier statement, and are now saying that they teamed up with Apple security to search a San Francisco home for the missing iPhone.  This is a direct contradiction of an earlier statement from SFPD when they claimed to have no knowledge of any search done by Apple.

Police spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield has told SF Weekly that “three or four” plainclothes SFPD officers joined two Apple security officials in the search of Sergio Calderon’s Bernal Heights home. Dangerfield said that after conferring with Apple and the captain of the local police station that he learned about the search. There is no word as to why SFPD had no knowledge of the search prior to this afternoon, or why they had to confer with Apple before making today’s statement.

Dangerfield stated that the police offers never entered the home, and that they stayed outside while the two Apple employees searched the home, car, and computer. Calderon says that he was under the impression that all six people at his house were SFPD, and if he knew that it was Apple employees entering his house he wouldn’t have allowed them.

This story keeps getting better and better, and it seems like everyone but Apple is talking about the search. We are curious how long this will go on before Apple makes some sort of statement. With Dangerfield’s statement today it seems as though it is now official that a iPhone was lost, and searched for. Prior to Dangerfield’s statement it was still possible that it was all a hoax, and never really happened.

So what do you think, is this year’s lost iPhone scandal better than last year’s?