iTar Kickstarter project will turn your iPad into a playable guitar

itar kickstarter project will turn your ipad into a playable guitarRegular guitars seem cool enough to us, but if you’re looking for something a little more…modern, we’ve got a Kickstarter project that you’ll probably want to pledge to right away. The iTar project ($200+) from the folks over at Starr Labs aims to create a guitar that you can plug your iPad into to start playing. The ‘instrument’ will start with a Starr Labs patented button-based guitar fretboard. The iPad will hook into the instrument via the 30-pin dock and users will then essentially have a whole band at their fingertips. Instead of just being able to strum a guitar, the touchscreen interface of the iPad will allow users to have control of everything from drums to maracas and more. Whether you’re a professional musician or just a hobby instrumentalist, this product would offer almost limitless uses for work or for play.

The iTar will come with its own application but the company is also urging developers to create other compatible applications. Pledge $200 to the yet unfunded (currently at $9,000 or $50,000 goal) project and you’ll get a first-generation iTar of your very own. Higher pledge amounts will get even more cool technology added to your new, modern instrument.