iTwin USB device now compatible with both PC and Mac

itwin usb device now compatible with both pc and mac gear patrol

Many of us have a single desktop or laptop that has most of our life’s contents on it, but said computer doesn’t necessarily go everywhere with us, which can be a problem. What if you want to snag a few files from your home computer while you’re at the office? With quick and easy cloud service still not widely available, your options are pretty limited, and most times you’ll just be out of luck. If you’ve got an iTwin, however, you can access files on one computer from another computer with military-grade encryption. The iTwin ($99) is a double-ended USB device that allows users access to files, as well as sharing and editing options, from anywhere in the world.

To make use of the iTwin, users plug one end of the stick into a computer (your home computer, for example) to enable a base station. Users can take the other end of the stick anywhere in the world, plug it into any internet-connected computer (PC or Mac, say, your work computer) and have access to files from the original computer. Security with this type of device is incredibly important, and iTwin has clearly taken that into account, using military-grade encryption when sharing files and sending users a ‘Remote Disable’ code in case one half of the device is lost or stolen. Unlike your typical USB device, the iTwin has no storage limit. Because no files are actually stored on the device, only on the computer it’s connected to, users can have access to any and all files on the connected computer.

Now compatible between both Mac and PC computers, the iTwin has now become an even more valuable tool for business owners, travelers, or those who have a Mac home computer and a PC work computer (or vice versa). You’ll have to deal with the Apple-inspired name if you’re a die-hard PC owner, but we think the convenience will be worthwhile.