Jailbreakers put Android OS on iPhone 3G


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Hackers have finally jailbroken the iPhone, this time from iOS. DownloadSquad reports that it is now possible to install Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) onto a jailbroken iPhone 2 or 3G using a program called Bootlace. Better yet, the smartphone savvy won’t even need a PC to do it.

Redmond Pie offers detailed instructions on how to accomplish the OS switch. Fair warning: putting Android on an iPhone voids more warranties than currently exist and will cause Steve Jobs to hate you more than he already does.

We cannot verify that this process actually works, but the process appears legitimate. Basically, it requires installing an app called Bootlace 2.1 and then installing an app called OpeniBoot, which will let you install another app called iDroid. There are a few steps, but the process is said to be relatively painless, especially for a full OS switch. However, before you can start any of this, your iPhone will need to be jailbroken.


Jailbreaking an iPhone frees it from carrier restrictions and allows users a plethora of functionality that isn’t available to a standard iPhone. Basically, you’re freeing the device from restrictions imposed by Apple and AT&T. There are a number of cool programs you can use to explore your phone after it has been jailbroken. On an Android phone, this process is called “rooting.”

The jailbreaking and rooting processes have been deemed legal, but it does void your warranty. In the past, Apple has “bricked,” or made unusable, jailbroken phones.

If you’re still interested, we have a step-by-step guide to jailbreaking the iPhone and the new iPhone 4.