JetAudio CW300 MP3 player review

Quote from the review:

” MP3, the audio format that has been the bane of artists and recording industry executives since its development, is now so widely used that the term itself has become synonymous with music. Its low file size and relatively high audio quality has, more or less, turned the MP3 into the next evolution in music storage within the span of a few years. Since its inception, computer giants, (most notably Apple and Creative) have tried to capitalize on the MP3’s immense popularity by offering “MP3 Players,” devices that offer all the benefits of conventional CD players, but do not require discs, do not have the potential for skipping during playback and have a longer battery life to boot. The latest device to hit the market is JetAudio’s iAudio CW300.”

Our Take:

It is nice to see an MP3 player in both 128mb and 256mb options. It also looks like you have the option to get this player packaged with the Sennheiser MX400 earbuds which is a big plus. $179 dollars seems a little steep for the 128mb version and at $239 dollars, you should look at the iRiver products as they seem to get a ton of positive reviews. I have no idea why they compare this player to the Apple iPod so disregard that in the review. An Apple iPod is a MP3 Jukebox with a hard drive, not an MP3 player based off of memory. The price range differences are also huge. One bit of a concern and maybe an error on their part, but they mention in the package contents part of the review that the 256mb version costs $239 and in the conclusion they say it costs $299….which is it?

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