JVC XS-SR3 Surround iPod Dock Shows Its Curves

Audio and video gear maker JVC has announced its new XS-SR3 Surround Dock, which it’s billing as a personal theater for iPod, iPhone, and iPod touch users: the speaker dock not only can handle presenting and iPod or iPhone in landscape or portrait mode so users can view video in whatever format they want, but it features a unique wraparound speaker design with Dolby Virtual Surround that brings a theater experience to the small screen.

JVC XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock

JVC is a little short on specs for the device, but the idea is that the 5-watt speakers wrap around the iPod , and perhaps if users are willing to get so close their noses are almost touching the iPod screen, it truly is a bit like a home theater. The system comes with various clips to accommodate different iPod models—users can rotate them on the fly—plus the system features both analog and digital line in so it can be used as a speaker system for a computer or other device. Oh, and there’s a remote control for the rest of us wary of nose-prints on our devices.

JVC says the XS-SR3 will be available this month at a suggested retail price of $149.95.

JVC XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock

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