Kevin Smith Makes MacWorld Fun Again, Teases Apple iPad


Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to turn a situation around. As lifeless as MacWorld might have been this year, director Kevin Smith sure knew how to liven the mood. Smith told MacWorld attendees his opinion of Avatar, the movie making business and even Apple’s iPad. The nice thing about Kevin Smith is that he is ready to make fun of anything and everything—but we doubt Steve Jobs will send him an iPad after his witty remarks at the conference celebrating the Mac-making company. Smith decided that the best use for Apple’s iPad would be to use it as a murderous weapon in a film:

“Will the iPad change film making? Well, it will probably be used to kill someone in a movie at some point. Yeah, the dead guy will have an iPad sticking out of his head. Somewhere Jobs is like, ‘hey, that’s not what we want.”

If you enjoy laughing about the Apple iPad, then here are some other fabulously good humored Apple and iPad spoofs–here’s a creative one from The Onion.

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