Kickstarter Sound Cover project adds powerful speakers to thin iPad cover

kickstarter sound cover project adds powerful speakers to thin ipad soundcover

The iPad 2 is known to be awesome at  many things, but producing quality sound through its speaker is not one of them. If you’re lacking headphones or want to play your tunes through the built-in speaker, you will get something that is probably muffled and lacking some serious volume. Almost everyone carries the iPad 2 around in some sort of case or smart cover, so Petur Hannes Olafsson over at Kickstarter thought he’d come up with something that gave users a versatile cover and powerful speakers in one. The Sound Cover ($110 for backers) looks much like a typical thin portfolio case for the iPad 2. It has a leather cover, aluminum kickstand, and uses magnets just like the Apple Smart Cover to wake and sleep your ‘pad, but inside the front cover are a pair of flat NXT stereo speakers. 

The fully-integrated speakers use Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML) and supposedly increase the iPad’s native volume by 300-percent. The case hooks your iPad into the speakers via a 3.5mm jack and the lithium-ion-battery-powered case will give you 12 hours of playback time. If the cord is too much for you to handle, there will also be a Bluetooth version available. The project is only at $3,000 of its $35,000 goal so if you like the idea, it’s time to get pledging.