Koostick wood iPhone dock has no cables, no speakers, no parts

KoostikLove your iPhone but need one less gadget in your life? Koostik’s entirely wooden iPhone dock is up to the task. Like the quirky Bone Horn before it, the amplifier uses the same technology as wood instruments and transmits the sound from you iPhone through a labyrinth of timber tunnels. There are no buttons, knobs, or switches either, instead deferring to the iPhone’s control.

The sound quality should be good, albeit less powerful than your standard electronic MP3 dock. Koostik admits its product can’t deliver a throbbing bass or satisfy heavy metal fans, but “intimate vocals and instrumentals” are right at home in the austere speakers. See for yourself, in Koostick’s video of the dock in action.

They’re priced between $85 and $90, depending on what type of wood you choose. Koostick offers six varieties, each compatible with all generations of iPhones. It’s the perfect gift for the Apple-loving lumberjack on your shopping list. And be on the look out for Koostik’s iPad model coming soon.