Links to Apple Maps are redirecting users to Google Maps on the web

ios 6 apple mapsAs if Apple needed any more negative press around its iOS 6 mapping system, TechCrunch has uncovered another oddity in the application. Apparently, rather than diverting attention away from Google Maps as planned, Apple Maps is sending users into Google’s open arms.

The quirk is as follows: when an Apple user shares their location the link redirects to Google Maps if it is opened on a desktop, Android, or any phone not running iOS 6. This most recent slip up is even more proof that Apple let this particular product out of the bag much too soon.

Seemingly stemming from Apple’s lack of an actual online home for its maps, links shared from an iDevice lead only to Google. The problem isn’t linked to any particular social network either. Apple Maps locations shared through Facebook and Twitter both open up the address in Google Maps when on desktop, even though the URL wrapper is listed as Since Google Maps was, and still is, the default application in iOS 5 and prior versions, this issue seems to only apply to iOS 6 users.

It gets even weirder too, the people at TechCrunch found that Twitter shares from iOS 6 lead to Apple Maps on mobile, but the same link opened in Facebook redirects to Google Maps. And if you try to share your location using email or iMessage, Apple sends a VCard along with a web address. The same URL is embedded within the VCard and on iOS 6 it opens Apple Maps, but using anything else you’ll get Google once again.

There’s more to report as well, a location shared with an Android device via text or email includes the same VCard and Apple URL, but still sends the user to Google Maps. We dare you to solve that logic.

And all of this comes after a huge amount of bugs and defects in Apple Maps were spread around the web with more being snapped every day. Our own Molly McHugh put together a list of Apple’s “wrong turns” in its maps endeavor. For instance, there is no public transit option in the new application. Clicking the bus icon simply sends you to the app store and suggests a replacement. Simple searches for Canada, Mexico, and Australia yield no results. Street view most definitely trumps 3D-flyover and Apple just can’t compete with Google’s level of detail.

Have you had experience with iOS 6? Any glaring shortcomings you’ve noticed or are you happy with Apple’s offering? If you really hate it you can always use an alternative map app.