Mac fix: Kaspersky Lab beats Apple to anti-Flashback Trojan software

mac fix kaspersky lab beats apple to anti flashback trojan software malwareThose of you Mac owners worried about the possibility of the Flashback Trojan infecting your precious computers, Apple says a fix is on the way. The company is developing software to hunt and remove the malware, however, the arrival time for the software isn’t certain.

The Trojan has gained rapid notoriety over the past few weeks, and with good reason as the flashback botnet has infected more the 600,000 macs worldwide. This is most likely the largest case of computer infections the Mac has ever seen. Kaspersky Lab totals the botnet’s tendrils in 670,000 computers worldwide, with 300,917 in the United States alone.

As we’ve seen, the Trojan works a Java flaw, and when Mac users visit a website, that flaw is exploited and the Flashback downloads itself onto computers. Apple has released a Java update that fixes the flaw which is known to target OS X 10.6 and OS X Lion. It’s strongly urged that you stay on top of the update for your mac; at the very least disable Java. Apple says on its support site that malware hunting software is in development. Additionally, Apple is working with ISPs to take down the malware’s command and control network.

If you can’t wait for Apple’s official software to arrive, take hope that, as according Kaspersky Lab’s numbers from this past weekend, there has been a decline in the number of active bots connected to the botnet.

Additionally, Kaspersky Lab is putting out both a detection and disinfection option for your Mac. You can find out if your computer has been compromised from the website, to check if your UUID is found in the database of infected computers. If you are one of the unlucky ones, you can remove Flashback manually using the instructions from the detection website, or you can download the free Kaspersky Flashfake removal tool.