Man Loses an iPad, and a Finger, in Robbery

Denver resident Bill Jordan hadn’t even heard of an iPad last week. He knew that Apple had released a hot new product and that his company wanted him to go pick one up as a gift for a customer, but that is it. One trip to the mall later and Jordan was out roughly $500, the iPad he had just bought, and a finger.

On his way out of the Cherry Creek Mall, an unidentified thief ran up behind Jordan and grabbed the bag with the iPad. The strings had been wrapped around Jordan’s fingers, and the thief pulled the bag free- along with all the skin on the upper part of Jordan’s pinky, right down to the bone. Doctors were later forced to amputate the top of Jordan’s finger.

“I kind of wrapped it around my fingers so I didn’t drop it on the way out,” he told a local Denver TV station “It was a heavy duty bag they put it in, and had real thick cords.”

After the damage had been done, Jordan rushed to the food court for napkins to stem the bleeding, while the thief made his escape. Police have yet to capture the man in question, although the entire robbery was captured on tape. Metro Denver Crimestoppers are offering a $2,000 reward for the man in question.

Jordan gave the news station a message for the thief, “I hope you understand what you have done to me and to my family’s life – for a simple piece of apparatus that will be junk in a couple of years.”

Scroll down for video of the incident, but please no jokes about the iPad costing an arm and a leg (or a finger), or about Jordan giving the man the finger.

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