Marvel Vs Capcom 2 hits iOS next week

marvel vs capcom 2 hits ios next week mvc2ios

If you’ve wandered anywhere near an arcade over the past 12 years, odds are pretty solid that among the myriad, undiscernible bleeps and bloops, you could clearly make out the jazzy/poppy/whatever strains of the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 theme song.

Don’t act like you don’t know the words. “I wanna take you for a ride!” etcetera, etcetera. The only way this song could be more infectious is if it were spread throughout Europe by diseased black rats. Even the most jaded, cynical hipster would be compelled to sing along; such is the power of the tune’s almost memetic repetition and upbeat insistence that you take a ride with the mysterious, possibly dangerous singer.

Granted, the above was a pretty bizarre segue into today’s news, but seriously people, that song is the bee’s knees, and with the April 25 iOS release of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, you can take it (and the game’s intensely beloved virtual fisticuffs) with you wherever you go.

According to Capcom’s official announcement, the iOS iteration of MvC2 will include all 56 Capcom and Marvel Comics characters seen in the game’s arcade version, all of the flashy mechanics and crazy three-character Team Hyper Combos, and presumably all of the glitches and weird quirks that, instead of appalling the notoriously finicky hardcore fighting game community, have made MvC2 a favorite at tournaments for over a decade. In short, the game should be faithful to its origins.

Well, almost.

What the announcement fails to mention, is what the leap to iOS will do to the game’s relatively complex control scheme. Though MvC2 only really requires four buttons and a way to input directional commands, the game relies heavily on split-second timing, long attack combinations and, let’s be honest here, button mashing. Even assuming that Capcom can find a way to replicate the arcade game’s button scheme on Apple’s largely buttonless gadgets, it remains to be seen if the iOS version of the game can actually keep up with MvC2’s intensely fast gameplay.

Hopefully Capcom knows what it’s doing. We’ll find out next Wednesday.