Material Six replaces your iPhone’s glass back with premium wood

material six replaces your iphones glass back with premium wood screen shot 2011 11 09 at 24 15 pm

Wood is all the rage when it comes to iPhone cases and Apple accessories, but you are generally limited to a wood case, which tends to be on the thicker side even when expertly-crafted, or awful faux-wood stickers. For those who like the slim profile of the iPhone without a case (and can manage to not break it that way), the folks over at Material Six have come up with a way to have your cake and eat it, too. 

Material Six’s wood iPhone backs ($90-$100) allow users to actually replace the glass back on their iPhone with a similar one made of premium wood. The creators of the brand wanted to give the phone more warmth and durability without significantly altering its design. Each piece is handcrafted and made from the finest woods, with furniture-grade finishes ranging from dark walnut to lacewood and birdseye maple. The company also has a few design series backs that are engraved and will do personalized engraving for an extra $5. The backs come with a tiny screwdriver as well as an illustrated instruction booklet to make the process simple. If you get tired of the wood or don’t want to anger the geniuses at the Apple store, you can easily go back to the original glass back with the same screwdriver. 

While we ourselves are a bit wary of carrying around an iPhone without a case at all, the glass back is definitely part of that phobia so replacing it with wood seems like a smart idea, not to mention it looks stunning. This is definitely the best incarnation we’ve seen of getting that popular wood look without adding any bulk to the phone.