Miniot wood iPad 2 cover mimics Smart Cover in genuine wood

miniot wood ipad 2 cover mimics smart in genuine gearpatrol sized

The magnetic design of Apple’s Smart Cover, which was released in conjunction with the iPad 2, has been almost as buzzed-about as the device itself. The design features an attached front cover to the iPad which uses magnets to put the device to sleep when it’s in use and awaken it when removed. This new case from Miniot mimics that clever design, but stands out against the sea of Apple’s typical and unadventurous color options. If you like the Apple Smart Cover, but find its design a little too blasé for your tastes, the Wood iPad 2 Cover ($70) from Miniot takes your iPad’s style cred up a few notches. The cover is carved from a single piece of wood and has notches that allow for it to bend into a sturdy cylinder that will hold your iPad up in either portrait or landscape viewing mode. It won’t do much in terms of protecting your iPad all around, but if you’re going to carry your toy around unsleeved, this wood design will keep it functional and looking good. Personalized engraving is offered free, and the cover is now available for pre-order.