Missing Obama-Jobs photo sparks new health concerns for Apple CEO

Obama, ZuckerbergIn the wake of rumors that Steve Jobs has six weeks to live, additional speculation about the Apple CEO’s health has surfaced. The now infamous photos of Obama greeting the titans of Silicon Valley are missing one very familiar face: Jobs’. Now it’s sounding like that omission was intentional.

According to British tabloid The Daily Mail, the White House decided not to release a photo of Steve Jobs and President Obama due to Jobs’ sickly appearance. A White House source admitted that only the photo of President Obama and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would be made public. Jobs did indeed attend the dinner, but reportedly was not seen arriving or leaving the location. Jobs’ notoriety would cause some to assume his image with President Obama would only further promote the event, and this oversight only adds to the growing concern about his health.

Since Jobs stepped back from Apple for health reasons, company shares have slightly slipped. Still, it’s business as usual as Apple prepares a product release for this week and iPad and iPhone rumors continue to dominate tech news in the months before their speculated arrivals. Despite his absence, Jobs is reportedly still a crucial asset to Apple development.

Apple has failed to comment on the alleged photo of Jobs published by the National Enquirer.