Mobee Magic Charger averts battery crisis for Apple mouse

mobee magic charger averts battery crisis for apple mouse gear patrolApple has been ahead of the game for years when it comes to making the most sleek, aesthetically-appealing laptops and desktops. The chic aluminum iMac’s are now paired with an extremely thin wireless keyboard and shiny white mouse. Sounds great, right? While universally loved for the aforementioned sleek look, the keyboard and mouse come with one pesky problem: batteries. Having wireless desktop accessories is great, however, having to replace the batteries that keep them running is not great. We wrote about the Mobee Magic Bar before, which takes care of the keyboard/battery problem, but now Mobee has come up with a similar solution for your pretty little mouse.

The Mobee Magic Charger ($50) attempts to solve the battery problem for the Apple mouse with an equally-slick wireless charging station. Rest your mouse in the slim charging station and inductive charging technology will make your mouse good to go for 6 whole days of ‘normal use.’ The charger, which is USB powered but will operate wirelessly once charged, is a convenient (and not to mention environmentally-friendly) alternative to keeping a pack of AA batteries in your desk. Having a Mobee Magic Bar and a Mobee Magic Charger for our Apple accessories would certainly make our lives a little easier.