Mobile Call of Duty zombies attack iOS platforms today

mobile call of duty zombies attack ios platforms today 5944 09 0017 20111031 g41r2If you have played any of Treyarch’s Call of Duty games, then you are probably familiar with the zombie game mode. If not, it’s simple: you and up to three of your besties team up to battle waves of enemy zombies. Some zombies are slow, others are nighmare-inducingly fast and will follow you to your grave. The more of the undead you annihilate, the more cash you earn to purchase new weapons and upgrades.

The game mode is a fan favorite, and one to the highlights of Black Ops for a passionate group of gamers. As each new zombie map came out, the developers pushed themselves to create something new and original, and offer more and more things for gamers to do.

Alas, the current Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, was developed by Infinity Ward rather than Treyarch, so we will likely have to wait until next year’s iteration to get a new helping of zombie maps—unless you happen to have an iOS device.

Available today through the Apple App store for $6.99, you can now take zombies with you anywhere you go thanks to Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. The game features both a modified version of the traditional zombie game mode (complete with voice chat), as well as 50 playable levels of a version of the hidden Black Ops mini-game, Dead-Ops Arcade.

The game is available today as an Apple exclusive.