Mobius solar powered iPhone case/charger by Eton

With a bevvy of cases available to iPhone owners it’s hard to distinguish what is worth your hard-earned money and what isn’t. As is often the case, many of the protectors for iPhone provide little more than a superficial aesthetic distraction to the monotony of black iPhones around the world.

With the release of the Mobius by Palo Alto based company Eton, iPhone users now have a viable option to not only protect their beloved smart phones, but increase their battery life through the wonders of renewable solar energy with a design that is sleek, and provides a viable green solution for mobile devices.

How does the Mobius work though? All Mobius users must do is simply place the case in the sun and charging starts immediately. At full charge, the Mobius effectively doubles your battery life with an additional five hours of talk time, or eight hours of 3G or video playback. For those who might not have time to for a longer charging session, one hour in the sun will net you 25 minutes of talk time. The battery back/iPhone protector case can also be detached and charged separately.

Not too many sunny days where you live? Mobius can also be charged through any conventional USB port.

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