Mon dieu, Jean Michel Jarre’s AeroPad iPad docks look amazing

Jarre AeroPad TwoFrench electronic music legend Jean Michel Jarre is best known for his astonishing live music and laser shows, but what you may not know is he also has his own brand of high-end home entertainment equipment, and the products all have the same amount of visual flair as those classic performances.

Founded in 2005, Jarre Technologies is best known for the insane AeroDream One, an 11-foot high, 10,0000 watt, made-to-order iPhone dock, and it’s more sensible retail model, the AeroSystem.

Jarre AeroPad OneNow, Jarre Technologies has put a pair of new docks up for pre-order, the AeroPad One and AeroPad Two, both of which are slightly more conventional in their styling compared to the AeroSystem, but still incredibly eye-catching.

The AeroPad One uses a stainless steel base and has either a black, white or bamboo finish, and a 30-pin connector to accept just about any Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad made. It’s ideally suited to the iPad due to its size though, and the tablet looks great below the speaker array.

Providing the sound is a pair of 30-watt RMS speakers accompanied by a 60-watt RMS subwoofer.

The AeroPad Two shares the same materials, but is a horizontally mounted dock, this time with four 30-watt RMS speakers and a more powerful 80-watt RMS subwoofer. The iPad sits centrally between the speakers.

Both docks also have a USB socket, a 3.5mm input jack and Bluetooth connectivity, plus each one also comes with a gorgeous remote control, which is a work of art on its own.

So, they look great and will probably sound great, so where’s the catch? It’s the price, as the AeroPad One is up for 499 Euros and the AeroPad Two a whopping 699 Euros. Convert that over and you’ll be paying $659 and $925 respectively.

If you’re feeling flush, you can pre-order the Jarre AeroPads today, but don’t expect delivery until September.

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