More Exploding iPhones Reported

Shattered iPhone
Shattered iPhone

An 80-year-old man from Paris is the latest to report a dangerous problem with his iPhone – in this case, a screen that cracked before his eyes.

“I took it out of my pocket and held it to my ear and saw the screen crack up like a car windscreen,” Rolland Caufman told AFP.

There have been several similar incidents, including one where a man claims a shard from the screen hit his eye when it broke up. And all this has prompted an investigation by French consumer watchdog DGCCRF, which said:

“An investigation is under way. We have been alerted to the problem and we are looking into it closely.”

Apple has said it’s aware of the problem and is waiting to receive the handsets from customers. In the case of Caufman, he’s already been given a replacement phone. Alan Hely, head of European Communications for Apple, said:

“We are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers.”

“Until we have the full details, we don’t have anything further to add.”

Now the European Commission is involved, asking countries to keep it aware of any problems under the Rapex dangerous consumer products alert scheme. Sweden, Holland, and the UK have all reported problems with exploring or cracking iPhones.

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