Moshi unveils iPad mini VersaCover origami case

We're not sure what good this position serves. Moshi iGlaze with VersaCover

Congratulations! You’ve braved the Apple line once again and got your hands on the new iPad mini. Now you want to know how to keep the Retina display safe from scratches and dust. Consider Moshi’s VersaCover origami case, an architecturally inspired cover that builds upon Apple’s Smart Cover design. Like its predecessor for the original iPad, you’ll be able to flip, fold, and tuck the VersaCover into various shapes so while it’s not protecting your iPad’s screen, it can function as an iPad stand.

moshi unveils ipad mini versacover origami case

The secret is between the edges of the cover, which contain little magnets to help the ridges connect and stay sturdy when folded. You can use the folds to position your iPad to stand upright or landscape are various angles. The cover itself is also made of microfibers and will support the iPad mini’s auto-wake/sleep feature for a swift access to the menu. Unfortunately, pricing is pretty steep in comparison to the original iPad version. The VersaCover for iPad mini will retail for $55 with a shipment date scheduled by the end of the year, while the original version retails for $60. Moshi’s VersaCover will be available in four color options: Aloe Green, Denim Blue, Sakura Pink, and Velvet Grey. We’re digging the pastel color scheme which makes for a soft introduction to the holiday season.