Mozilla Labs Demonstrates Prism

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With the gradual migration of ordinary desktop applications to Web 2.0 platforms, some users may find themselves missing the old convenience of start menu shortcuts, and irritated at the prospect of running everything from a browser Window. The folks at Mozilla’s development arm, Mozilla Labs, realized the problem and have issued their own experimental attempt at a remedy: Mozilla Prism.

Prism is a free application that essentially allows users to nab Web 2.0 applications and run them like traditional applications. They can launch the apps from a traditional shortcut, then run them in their very own windows, without the clutter of a desktop browser hanging over the top of the window.

After installation, running Prism prompts users to enter the address of a Web 2.0 app, along with a name for it and where they would like shortcuts placed. They can choose whether they would like navigation keys enabled, a status bar to be shown, and other options like selecting pixel art.

Right now, Prism is only available to test on Windows, but Mozilla Labs has already begun work on Mac OS X and Linux versions, with builds coming soon.